Saturday, March 21, 2015


We started out the exciting month of December, by taking the girls to a Jazz game. They had a blast!
 Halia was really into drawing balloons! She was a cow in our ward nativity.  She was very sad, she didn't want to be a cow she wanted to be "the princess in blue" :)   {Mary}....but she was a sport and was a really good little cow!!
 Christmas Show for Cheer and Dance!
The cutest Thing 2 and Olaf, EVER! Halia was hilarious, she came right out and did every trick she knew before her dance even started it was so cute and she completely stole the show! It was Wonderful!
 Santa came to their Christmas show! Then the next day we took their letters to Santa's mail box!
 Christmas Eve at Grandpa and Grandma McFarlane's.

 Christmas morning was the funnest yet! These girls are at such fun ages!!! They exchanged gifts that they chose for each other, then gave each other a BIG "Squeezy" hug (as Halia calls it)....
 They were super spoiled by Granny Marsha and Grandpa and Grandma McFarlane. They are so lucky and loved. Forgot to get pictures with Granny, when we go there it's all of Tony's family and gets pretty busy, at my parents though everybody shows up at different times so we get a little alone time and time to take pictures.

 I made a quilt for my mom out of some her father's clothes. It was so fun and she was pretty happy!  The girls got fun dressups, that they basically live in at home!
 Day after Christmas dinner and bowling with Tony's brother and his family. Quincy and Halia, love these little girls!
 Quincy made this pose and shouted "Fantastic!" after every bowling turn!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Quincy went deer hunting with her Daddy, one of her favorite things. They didn't get anything this year. It was still fun for them though!
 Nice thing about our big trees in front of our house is they drop their leaves all within a week. So we only have to do one big leaf day!
 We went down to Cabela's on a day Tony had off work.

 I can't believe how quickly this girl is growing up!
Ice cream for FHE one night.  They both think they are hilarious to stick out their tongues right when I take a picture.
 Went to dinner at the Timbermine with some of Tony's family, to remember his dad on his birthday.
 Quincy got to go snowmobiling with her Dad the day after Thanksgiving. Another thing she absolutely LOVES!
 Cut down a Christmas tree in Park Valley.
 Family Christmas party with the Morris side. They were on teams and had to turn a child into Olaf as fast as they could.
 Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Morris let them choose a little gift.  The girls love getting to see them, when we can get out that way.
 Then that same night we had the family Christmas party with the McFarlane side.
 It was a super busy day and Halia was getting very tired! :)

Friday, January 9, 2015


We went out to the Spiral Jetty for new family pictures.  Really happy with how they turned out. The girls had fun running around and going out to the water after. The water was so low it took us about 10 minutes to get out there, worth it though. We found some salt crystals and the girls had fun!

 So beautiful, we love driving out there and definitely don't go enough!
 Picked pumpkins out of Grandpa Pete's little pumpkin patch!
 Went to a corn maze.  This was hilarious and a lot of fun! Quincy just wanted to hide in the corn and try to scare her dad. Halia just picked up the corn and picked all the kernels off....the....entire....time!! Reminded me of the Curious George episode when he goes through the corn maze. Maybe that's why she did it....?
 Quincy's school puts on a pumpkin walk every year. I love it, it is such a cute tradition. This year the theme was Storybook Village. Quincy's class chose "Miss Nelson is Missing".  She had fun making her pumpkin look like half Miss Nelson and half Viola Swamp, with a little help from mom. It is so fun to go and see all the fun things children and their parents come up with there were some pretty fancy pumpkins...makes me kind of mad I didn't take pictures of them.
 I put this scary child on our porch, Halia wouldn't go out our front door without crying. She was afraid of it, and it made her really upset that it was wearing her clothes. :)Tony gave me beautiful flowers for our anniversary, they lasted longer than any that I have ever gotten it seems like.  Quincy has been practicing like crazy with her bow and getting pretty good! My parents had the annual Halloween party for the grand kids. We played pin the mustache on Grandpa, he doesn't look thrilled, but the kids got such a kick out of it.....might be a new tradition!  He was a good sport and is a awesome Grandpa!
 Our pumpkins this year... The Beast, Ursula, and Olaf.
 Happy Halloween from Elsa and Dorothy!!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

~September 2014~

Quincy got to dress up and put her crown on and go to the Jr Peach Queen Pageant and draw a name out of the bowl for the 2014 4th Attendant. She thought it was pretty cool!!
 She was also in the Peach Days Parade for Peak Cheer!
 We went to the McFarlane Family Reunion. My uncle put a Pinewood Derby race together. Great idea! The girls had so much fun making their car and racing it!

 Then back to Peach Days, Quincy had to perform, which was adorable, I was enjoying it so much, I forgot to take pictures! Face paintings after, of course!!
 This guy had a birthday, 32!!!! He got a nice chair to relax in to go along with his old age!;)
 Ended the month with my 1st Half Marathon! What a wonderful and fulfilling experience! I finished in 2 hrs and 40 min., 5 minutes faster than my goal!!! Pouring rain almost the WHOLE time!! My sister rocked it finishing 12 minutes faster than me, can't wait for the next one!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Even though it's not my favorite time of year, these girls LOVE it, at least till about the last week and half, then they are ready to be done. That tree Halia is in is right by the stand and provided hours upon hours of entertainment for both! Halia ate about 5 peaches a day, Quincy just took 3 bites and drank the juice out of about 4 peaches a day. Quincy enjoyed helping to pick a little this year, crazy girl. Picking is the worst!
 After school started Halia had the orchard all to herself, with Daddy and her two uncles! Irrigation water can be very interesting to a little girl!
 Cousins enjoying the orchard together!
 Despite what Tony may say, I DO help pick at times, he had to get PROOF!!
 My peach BOSS!!